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2 March 2013

Nintendo Wii Lan Adapter U

Adapter USB to Ethernet for Nintendo Wii U port

Wii U connects wirelessly to the Internet, but if you don't have a wireless Internet connection, the LAN Wii U adapter allows you to connect your Wii console to the Internet through a network cable.

Technical data:

  • Nintendo Wii Lan Adapter U
  • Nintendo
  • USB
  • NN01136

By connecting the U Wii to Internet, access to the Virtual Console downloadable games via the Wii Shop Channel, news and weather channels info and weather bulletins, and messaging features.

Nintendo Adaptateur Lan Wii U

Wait, Searching Nintendo adapter Lan Wii U for you...

Wii LAN adapter

The Wii LAN adapter is required to connect the Wii to a wired router.

Note: the LAN adaptors which are not manufactured by Nintendo are not compatible with the Wii console. You can still connect using a USB connector Nintendo Wi - Fi or giving you a wireless router.


LAN Nintendo USB Wii



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  1. Nintendo Wii Lan Adapter U - Wii Accessories | High-tech news | says:

    [...] The network Wii U adapter connects to one of the two USB ports on the back of the Wii console, to connect a network cable [...]


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